William Kentridge

William Kentridge, "Lampedusa" Triumphs and Laments Woodcuts series, 2017

William Kentridge is one of the world’s most prolific and well recognized living artists. Born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa, Kentridge witnessed the ramifications of both the reign and dissolution of the oppressive Apartheid regime. These experiences continue to influence his politically and socially critical practice, expressed in many different forms including sculpture, performance, drawing, animation, theatre production and printmaking.

Among the multitude of these forms, Kentridge considers printmaking of particular significance. Having been a printmaker first, he uses the processes unique to the medium to think through and develop ideas for future drawings, films, and theatre productions. Working with long-time collaborator and Master Printmaker, Jillian Ross, Kentridge focuses on continued experimentation with different artistic approaches and content.

Kentridge’s work has been exhibited widely in major institutions including the Tate Modern, London; the Centre Pompidou, Paris; and the Museum of Modern Art, New York, to name a select few. He has represented South Africa in a number of international biennales and has been the recipient of numerous prestigious awards and prizes. He lives and works in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Exhibitions: 2014, 2021


William Kentridge works courtesy of David Krut Projects Johannesburg/New York.

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