Jocelyn Reid

Jocelyn Reid casts nostalgic relics of childhood, defunct toys. She distorts their recognizable form and function by casting these forgotten items into porcelain. Drawing on the precious associations of the medium, her works draw a relationship between objects that we love as children and the ways in which they gain or lose value as they age. “As reinventions of the items that surround childhood, the works I make endeavor to student the physical and emotional value that lingers in the possessions we no longer need. Porcelain is an eager material for this rebirth: it holds the capacity to impersonate the furrow of tender flesh, while also masquerading as inflexible manufactured acrylic.”

Reid holds a BFA degree from the Alberta University of the Arts (2013). She has participated in numerous residencies including the prestigious Medalta ceramics studios in Medicine Hat, Alberta. Her work has been exhibited in Canada, and internationally, in the United States and Australia.

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