14 APRIL THRU 14 MAY 2023

VIVIANEART is pleased to present Peripheral Vision, a solo exhibition of new works by Calgary-based artist, Sarah Nordean.  With these pieces, Nordean continues a way of working that is slow and labor-intensive. Leaning towards obsession, her practice focuses on the accumulation of small, repeated gestures to create larger organic forms, amorphous undulating shapes suggesting land formations, strange plants, microscopic critters, or writhing monsters. They are forms that she imagines existing in our peripheral vision.

Drawing inspiration from ecology, mapping, weird fiction, and the relationships between microscopic and macroscopic realms, she describes a world that is too massive, tiny, or withdrawn to be seen from a human perspective, destabilizing our anthropocentric point of view.

Sarah holds a Master of Fine Arts from Emily Carr University and a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Alberta University of the Arts.  She has exhibited across Canada, and her work is held in several private and public collections, including the Alberta Foundation for the Arts and Global Affairs Canada. She teaches drawing and painting at the Alberta University of the Arts.

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