Emily Lendl, Rachel, 2015, mannequin legs, chicken wire, expanding foam, hooker shoes, paint, faux fur, 72” x 15.6” x 16”

Presenting an exhibition of work by current students and recent graduates. Curated by Associate Director Tara Westermann, HAND PIC’D 2016 features the work of three young artists at the start of their respective careers. This exhibition offers a preview of the unique talents emerging on the art scene.

Cody Cox’s drawings are inspired by his relationship to urban spaces. Discovered during walking and/or skateboarding explorations, Cox considers both his conscious and subconscious impressions of spaces that draw his attention. He transcribes these experiences through methodically drawn abstract images that integrate his physical and emotional responses.

Emily Lendl examines themes of gender, sexuality, and body image in the creation of her surreal figurative sculptures. Her assemblages are unlikely combinations of a wide variety of found objects, encouraging new and open-ended associations with common materials. Simultaneously playful and grotesque, Lendl’s works celebrate incongruity, humour, and the uncanny.

Susanne Aaltonen’s artistic practice reflects on the effects of memory. Aaltonen mines her personal history in the creation of autobiographical works that combine photography and painting processes. Through the manipulation of painted surface, source material photographs are altered and abstracted. Once legible images become ambiguous, mirroring the distortion of memory itself.

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