Nic Jekill, "New Horizon", 2015, concrete, edition of 5 15" x 28" x 1.5". each

Presenting an exhibition of work by current students and recent graduates. Co-curated by Tara Westermann and Melissa Skowron, HAND PIC’D 2015 features the work of three young artists at the start of their respective careers. This exhibition offers a preview of the unique talents emerging on the art scene.

Through his sculptural practice, Nic Jekill considers the instability and alterability of industrial materials. In his concrete works, Jekill exaggerates the mutable qualities of cement and the traces that industrial processes leave behind on its cast surface. Emphasizing the impermanence of the concrete, Jekill encourages reconsideration of the inherently transitory nature of raw materials and structure.

Multi-media artist, Daniel Cleghorn, combines sculpture, performance, and photography in his large-scale installations. Appropriating fragments of print material from dated mass media and pop culture ephemera, Cleghorn examines nostalgia as a constructed experience of shared social consciousness.

Similarly, Emily Promise Allison dedicates her conceptual practice to the investigation of art as a universal language. Integrating elements of performance, photography, sculpture and video, her multi-disciplinary approach explores a range of concepts related to identity, imagination and human connectivity.

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