22 JANUARY – 14 MARCH 2021

It is a long established practice within the art world for artists to move beyond the creation of single, unique works and make editions. This approach often has a positive impact on the accessibility of art for the collector, making its acquisition more affordable. Artists that are committed to a fine art practice will often work with a limited edition, a fixed number that is kept quite low to preserve some of the exclusivity.

For our first exhibition of 2021, VIVIANEART is pleased to present, “Editions”, a group exhibition featuring limited edition works by seven gallery artists, Aida Muluneh, Alana Bartol, Diane Landry, Erik Olson, Kyle Beal, Tyler Bright Hilton and Winnie Truong.  This exhibition highlights a breadth of approach to editioned artwork, combining the mediums of photography, printmaking, and video in both traditional and experimental forms.

Watch a short film about this exhibition HERE.

AIDA MULUNEH focuses her artistic practice on photography. Her surreal portraits combine strong graphics and vivid color palettes that reflect the impressions of her birth country and unique personal history. Aida’s first foray into photography was when she was a student at Western Canada High School in Calgary. Living many of her school age years in Canada, she returned to Ethiopia as an adult and continues to live and work there.

ALANA BARTOL comes from a long line of water witches. Her site-responsive artworks explore divination as a way of understanding across places, species, and bodies. Through collaborative and individual works, she creates relationships between the personal sphere and the landscape, particular to this time of ecological crisis.

DIANE LANDRY explores the relationship between light, motion, and sound. Landry’s multidisciplinary installation projects and performances integrate kinetic sculpture, film, audio, photography and optical illusion. Landry re-examines preconceived notions of what is considered ordinary and mundane; creating complex, interesting and beautiful works from the seemingly simple and banal.

ERIK OLSON’s works are recognized for their fragmented combination of figurative and abstract elements and bold application of vivid color. Often developing from the artist’s response to a singular field of color, Olson’s paintings and prints further evolve through a directness of approach to brushstroke, layout, and subject matter.

KYLE BEAL challenges convention through his conceptual art practice. Using a multidisciplinary approach, he incorporates a wide variety of media including drawing, sculpture and installation. Engaging audiences with nuanced surprise, humorous tropes, and wit, Beal presents an accessible platform for his viewers to reconsider their day-to-day routines and behaviour.

TYLER BRIGHT HILTON’s artistic practice involves the production of an ongoing narrative series. Exhibiting a mastery of drawing and intaglio printmaking techniques, Hilton uses these traditional processes in the creation of surreal fictional images presented episodically in a form most like a contemporary graphic novel.

WINNIE TRUONG challenges ideals of beauty and naturalness. Using drawing as a preliminary art form, she uses a labour intensive process to develop intricate, yet ambiguous, imagery integrating coloured pencil crayon and cut paper collage in the rendering of surreal imagery and fictional narrative.

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